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Thomas Krause, one of Florida’s finest marine and wildlife artists, has combined two of his lifelong passions into his work – art and wildlife, and particularly marine life. Born in Mt. Clements, Michigan, Tom had been a resident of Florida since 1979. He graduated at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, and as a student was featured in the Best of Ringling shows. He has appeared locally in magazines, newspaper articles and has been on regional television.

Marine life dominates his creativity on canvas. His astounding ability to light his subject material below water with refracted light is breathtaking. Much of this stems from Tom having spent plenty of time under water himself in the Gulf Of Mexico and Carribean waters.

Tom’s paintings encompass all of the outdoors and wildlife of North America. He has fished all the way from the waters of Alaska to Florida. He paints not just fish, but majestic and varied creatures including the endangered Florida Panther and the grizzly bear of Alaska. Various other birds and mammals in their natural habitat complement the flow of his brush.

Tom’s original acrylic and oil paintings, as well as his own limited edition prints have been featured in galleries and regional art festivals. Tom firmly believes in presenting his subjects in their surrounding environments. To this end, Tom continually travels North America to satisfy his quest for accuracy and subject material. Painting now has become his life’s most important journey.